Sassy Singapore: The Karl Experience – A Futuristic, Secret Dinner

August 29, 2015

“Oooh eee!” is how I felt walking out of The Karl Experience last Thursday night.

It all started with a text message. The Karl Experience – a new pop-up, themed molecular gastronomy dining experience by ANDSOFORTH, is in a top-secret location and guests are only texted clues to its whereabouts 24 hours before their seating. Don’t worry though, it won’t take you too long to decipher it. If all else fails there are enough hints that the central-ish location is Google mappable. Continue Reading…


Happy Golden Jubilee, Singapore

August 10, 2015

I’m writing this while listening to Kit Chan’s Home. A epic ballad, I’ve heard it many times while living in Singapore these past four years and it never fails to put a smile on my face. I joked to a friend yesterday that I’ve drunk the Singapore kool aid since my first National Day (one month after I arrived in this sunny city). I’m a proud Canadian through and through, but I definitely love Singapore like it’s my second (or, well, third? Fourth?) home. This year, the energy of the city has been extra festive with SG50/golden jubilee celebrations Continue Reading…


A Long Weekend in Langkawi

August 7, 2015

Sometimes, you just need to get away. Life lately has been hectic to say the least! Leaving a city after spending four years of your life there is naturally a mixed bag of emotions. I’m excited about the new chapter, but wanting to spend every single one of my remaining days in Singapore soaking up every moment. That of course just brings on anxiety so I’m learning to let go. I think I’ve been good about exploring this wonderful city while I’ve been living here so there aren’t too many items left on my bucket list, which is mostly a list of things to eat again anyway. Continue Reading…

Honeycombers: Exploring Nature in Singapore

August 4, 2015

Head Outdoors to the City’s Islands, Reservoirs, Nature Reserves, Gardens and Parks! Believe it or not, there are as much greenery as concrete in the skyscrapers-filled Singapore. Here’s where to go to be surrounded by flora, fauna, water and wildlife.

It might always be sweltering out in Singapore, but don’t let that stop you from getting outside for a spot of sunshine and nature. This tiny red dot is known as a garden city for a reason; and there are numerous islands, nature reserves, and parks to explore. Continue Reading…


Go west, to the Chinese Gardens

July 25, 2015

To quote the Pet Shop Boys, “Go west, life is peaceful there.” How true this was for me today. This morning, I woke up (naturally) at 8am, headed to Holland Village for a dim sum brunch at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao, and then spent the rest of the morning exploring the Chinese and Japanese Gardens with my friend Phoebe. Continue Reading…

Your Coffee Break: How to Make Social Media Work for You (Goodbye Anxiety!)

July 6, 2015

Who is your girl crush on Instagram? Chances are you have a couple of celebs, a few magazine editors (oh hel-lo Eva Chen and Zanna Roberts Rossi!), bloggers and one or two peers (a.k.a. people you actually know) whose accounts are a source of anxiety-fuelled pleasure.

In a world where even fashion editors at glossy media sites can relate to the despair of having an Instagram follower count languish in the low triple-digits for years, it’s clear that social media can help the everygirl become successful and build a strong personal brand but that gaining thousands of genuine followers is no easy feat. It’s human to want to show the world our best face but anxiety can emerge when we’re not sure how to do so or how to cope with the constant pressure to keep up. Continue Reading…