Hiking the Dragon’s Back to Big Wave Bay

August 6, 2016

Life has been sweet to me lately. Yes, it is humid, humid, humid here in Hong Kong but that hasn’t stopped me from going out and exploring more of the city’s trails and beaches. And I have the weird tan lines to prove it!

Making friends as an adult isn’t always easy, so I’m extra thankful to have met a few lately that I really click with aka we like eating, hiking, and beaching a lot but can also have real conversations. Win.

It’s been a busy year settling into this vibrant city, and I haven’t written a proper blog post for ages. So here goes a new attempt. I’ll definitely want to remember these adventures in the future, and maybe some of my lessons learned will help others too. Continue Reading…

Foodie Hong Kong: Foodie Guide to Eating in Singapore

July 21, 2016

Singapore is a land of many contradictions. It’s the perfect combination of city meets tropical island, East meets West, and high and low dining. With temperatures that never dip below 25 degrees Celsius, it’s easy to eat and drink your way around any time of the year from a hawker centre in the heartlands to a rooftop bar by Marina Bay. So what are you waiting for? Board a four-hour flight from HKIA, and enjoy a long weekend in the Lion City. Continue Reading…


6 Must-Have Experiences for that ‘Hong Kong is Magic’ Feeling

March 28, 2016

Hard to believe, but it’s been six months since I moved from Singapore to Hong Kong. Time flies when you’re busy settling in, making friends, and generally having fun! It’s almost harder to believe that I’ve had nine friends visit me since the move. All this means I’ve had a crash course in being both a host and tourist in this wonderful city.

The Pearl of the Orient, as Hong Kong is sometimes referred to, has something for everyone. Fancy yourself a foodie? Whether you’re into Michelin-starred or hole in the wall, Western or Asian, there are what feels like limitless options to choose from. More into Mother Nature than city slickers? Maybe you’re into both? Continue Reading…

The Financial Diet: Living Abroad Without Going Broke | Singapore

February 29, 2016

Because I just can’t get Singapore out of my head! It’s been six months in Hong Kong now, and I’m finding my feet surely but slowly. This piece I submitted to The Financial Diet (TFD) came out while I was on a week-long trip back to Singers. Click here for the original post on TFD, a personal finance blog started by the super sassy Chelsea Fagan.


Each week, TFD is taking an in-depth look at the cost of living in other countries, to learn how people like us are able to fund their worldwide dreams. Moving abroad is something many of us regard as an unattainable goal, but it shouldn’t be reserved solely for people who don’t have to worry about money. We have an incredible lineup of people who have moved to every corner of the globe, and are more than willing to explain what their expenses are, and what it took to take the plunge and move abroad. Continue Reading…

Sassy Singapore: Things I Learned During My Time in Singapore

October 18, 2015

I’ve grown up in Singapore. No, not in the “from zero to 18 years old” sense but in the “coming into my own as an adult” sense. Four years ago, and just one month after I graduated, I got on a plane to Singapore (via one month’s vacation in Taipei) excited to begin my life as not a student for the first time.

Like many expats before me, I thought I’d be in Singapore for a short stint. I was able to defer my grad school acceptance for one year, so my time abroad had an expiration date. But a funny thing happened to my carefully curated plans. Continue Reading…

Expat Living Singapore: Lion City Adventures (Book Review)

September 4, 2015

A few months ago, my friend Don Bosco of Super Cool Books, who I know through our work with OpenBrief, sent me a copy of Lion City Adventures for review. Originally, he suggested I might like to use the activity book the next time my younger brother visited Singapore, but Josh won’t be visiting for a while. After reading it, I realized it would be great not only for those aged 8 to 12 (the official target age range) but also for expats new to, or those seeking to learn more about, Singapore. Check out my full review in the September issue of Expat Living Singapore!