Hi! I’m Jenni, and I was a self-initiated expat.

I used to dream about being a global citizen, one of those culturally competent people able to work across cultures. I was hungry to learn more about the world, and hopefully in turn understand myself and my place. But how was a small-town, freshly-graduated Canadian girl supposed to make that happen?

I found a way, and believe that you can too if that’s what you want. My goal is to share with you the latest resources for living your best life abroad.

Backed by research
A life-long learner, I strive to find the latest academic research on:

  • Expats and self-initiated expats
  • Working abroad
  • Cultural competency
  • and more

…and share the most relevant findings with you in bite-sized chunks. We’re not all interested in spending time reading and digesting 30-page journal articles, but hey, I enjoy doing so and it’s related to my day job too.

Many of the pieces will also touch on my personal experiences as a British-born, Taiwanese Canadian girl who is based in Hong Kong (now as a ‘traditional’ expat) after spending four wonderful years in Singapore (as a self-initiated expat).

More about me
Jennifer Lien is a publishing professional and writer passionate about getting fresh research into curious minds. By day, she is the Managing Editor of a wonderful collection of social sciences and humanities journals. By night (or, well, early mornings), she writes about career, culture, and all things wonderful about living life abroad. Her work has appeared in Cubes Magazine, GOOD Magazine, Levo League, Sassy Singapore, Expat Living Singapore, and Honeycombers Singapore. She is also the co-author of Asia’s Entrepreneurs: Dilemmas, Risks and Opportunities (Routledge).