Happy Golden Jubilee, Singapore

August 10, 2015

I’m writing this while listening to Kit Chan’s Home. A epic ballad, I’ve heard it many times while living in Singapore these past four years and it never fails to put a smile on my face. I joked to a friend yesterday that I’ve drunk the Singapore kool aid since my first National Day (one month after I arrived in this sunny city). I’m a proud Canadian through and through, but I definitely love Singapore like it’s my second (or, well, third? Fourth?) home. This year, the energy of the city has been extra festive with SG50/golden jubilee celebrations permeating nearly every aspect of life from advertisements and discounts of all kinds, to free memorabilia such as temporary tattoos, noise makers, scarves, stickers and more, all perfectly coordinated under the official brand guidelines. So many Singaporeans watching the National Day Parade yesterday will have experienced the full transformation of Singapore from third world to first, and it’s hard not to be touched by their reactions while singing National Day songs of years past, watching the perfectly coordinated routines, basking in the pride of what Singapore has accomplished in 50 years.

Home opens with “Whenever I am feeling low, I look around me and I know, there’s a place that will stay within me, wherever I may choose to go…” I was feeling quite emotional earlier this weekend as I started to pack my life into boxes in preparation for my next adventure. There are so many things I’d like to do again – from eating the char kway teow from Zion Road Food Centre to walking the Southern Ridges – but I know it’s impossible to try and relive all my favourite memories one more time. Anyway, it’s really the people that have made my time in Singapore so special, and what a wonderful long weekend I’ve had with them.

Party #1
On Friday, my friends Petrina and Elliot hosted a dinner/board game night that was perfectly executed (naturally, as they are two of the best event/people coordinators I know). We had homemade burgers, tacos, fresh salsa and chips, and more, and finished off the night playing not frivolous party games but theologically challenging ones…! Not your average party, but my friends are not your average people. I’ve become a better person in Singapore in various different ways, and a lot of this is thanks to the company I’ve been lucky enough to keep.

Party #2
National Day started off with brunch at The Lokal where my fellow brunch mates exclaimed “how have you not been here before?!” Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever eaten brunch so slowly in my life as I wanted to savour every mouthful. My homemade ricotta, smashed avo, macadamia nuts and pomello seeds on toast plus in house-smoked salmon was the perfect combination of textures and flavours. Happily full, we went to second service at RHC, then onto our friend Titus’ restaurant Sprigs for our SG50 party!

Full to the brim, we headed to Claire’s condo to watch the parade and play board games. A long weekend full of friends, food, and enormous amounts of fun – signing off this post with a very full heart.

Cover photo image by my talented friend James Kuan.

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