A Long Weekend in Langkawi

August 7, 2015

Sometimes, you just need to get away. Life lately has been hectic to say the least! Leaving a city after spending four years of your life there is naturally a mixed bag of emotions. I’m excited about the new chapter, but wanting to spend every single one of my remaining days in Singapore soaking up every moment. That of course just brings on anxiety so I’m learning to let go. I think I’ve been good about exploring this wonderful city while I’ve been living here so there aren’t too many items left on my bucket list, which is mostly a list of things to eat again anyway.

In the midst of my melancholic anxiousness, my trip to Langkawi rolled up. About a month ago, I booked a four day trip to the jungle slash island paradise with a few of my loveliest friends. Flight tickets were cheap, our Mr & Mrs Smith-approved villa was half off, rental cars were easy to secure – it had been so easy to organize. So off we went for a few days of r&r.

We stayed at Temple Tree Resort (Mr & Mrs Smith review here), a gorgeously rustic retreat made up of eight heritage villas. Ours was the Black & White House which was just roomy enough for four. I spent many reflective moments reading and writing on the couch, and two of my friends spent many a late night battling over board games at the dining table. It was casual and simple, but clean and the shower was always hot.


I’d recommend staying here, especially if you’re into intimate boutiquey places and willing to rent a car. While calm and relaxing – and being able to use the facilities at Bon Ton, their famous sister resort was a nice perk – it’s about a 5 minute drive to Cenang Beach and about a half hour drive to Tanjong Rhu Beach. With breakfast stocked in the mini fridge each evening, I also liked the flexibility of being able to eat breakfast in the villa at leisure but other may prefer a hot morning meal. Beware of friendly cats and birds that come in through the windows.

In addition to the cake, toast, and fruit for breakfast, we definitely did our fair share of eating on the trip. When in Malaysia…


When I was younger, I never really understood when people just wanted to lie by the pool on vacation. Then I started working full-time and sometimes nothing sounds better than, well, doing nothing. In my state, I was thankful for my energetic friends who pulled me out to explore the cable car and sky bridge, Datai Bay and Tanjung Rhu beach, and more.


There are so many things I’ll miss about Singapore and quick weekend jaunts around Southeast Asia, but I’ll definitely miss the people most of all.

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