Monday Mash

September 2, 2013

This may sound strange but I’m not much of a music person. Sure the sweet, melodious harmonies of bands like Band of Horses turn my heart to jelly, but most often I’d rather just be surrounded by silence (and my own thoughts, hah). What does get me going? Words in all its wonderful formats, but especially when constructed into captivating articles that must be shared. With that, I decided to create my first “mashup”, a “Monday Mash” of my favourite articles from the past week. Hope they inspire you as much as they did me!

1. How Kat Cole Went from Hooters Girl to President of Cinnabon by Age 32
How could your curiosity not be peaked with a title like that? But really, this profile of Kat Cole abounds with positive energy. She is genuine and forthcoming with her advice; a great example of a modern working woman.

2. How to Become That Girl You Always Wanted to Be
Simone Sneed tells it like it is. Every twentysomething has moments of self-doubt especially today through the filtered, tinted, edited lenses of Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles etc. etc. This is not new news. There are plenty of articles out there about this, but Simone’s articles are like listening to your inner conscience giving you “real talk”. She gets it (dare I say gets “you”), and I wouldn’t be surprised if her words got you motivated to up and do something about your dreams too.

3. Constructing Your Career Castle
Say you want to do something about the rut you’re in, or just want a bit of inspiration this morning. This HBR article provides the seasoned advice you need to hear when you have a list of goals but aren’t entirely sure of the first step. Sylvia Ann Hewlett gives her take on mentors versus sponsors and why both are so important. I think it is great insight for twentysomethings, especially, to pick up; youth and a mind that is a sponge for knowledge is a dangerous combination.

4. Why I Left Google
I can’t wait for Medium, Ev Williams’ ideas and stories hub, to be fully ready but for now here is a beautiful essay from a former Googler named Ellen. No matter the field, I think even the most type-A of twentysomethings reaches a “I’m couple years out of college and my life really isn’t what I thought it would be (even if I never really gave it much thought)” stage. But surely some people have it figured out, right? Maybe a preternaturally gifted supergirl who works for the coolest internet company in the world? Enter Ellen, who bares why she chose to leave a great job that truly a million girls and guys would kill for (sorry Andy Sachs, she has you beat).

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