OpenBrief: “The OER Movement: A 21st Century Solution for Improving Education”

April 22, 2013

Much-debated today is the value of internships. An increasing number of students, fresh graduates, and young professionals alike compete for coveted positions with hope that one day they will be hired. Gaining work experience through a summer internship has long been the norm, but an increasing number of graduates with good degrees are taking unpaid, endlessly renewable positions. In some industries, the unpaid internship has almost become the new entry-level job, the initiation into the workforce. The problem is two-fold: why are ambitious, educated twentysomethings willing to work for no pay and why are employers willing to invest resources in those they do not plan to hire? In 1992, one of Bill Clinton’s campaign strategists coined “It’s the economy, stupid,” a phrase that fits with this generations plight to find a full-time job […]

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